Ultimate in surface wiring

SINGLE BOARD - During the search for excellence in design and quality we have realised that customer should be given better products with competitive price. In Single Board we have maintained the elegance, looks and utility along with better value for money. Single Board is a once piece concept to replace old fashioned wooden switch boards. Hence, it is environment friendly.


  • Top panel & body combined together to form single board
  • Screw holes on he edges to go directly on the wall for a flat and firm installation
  • Graph drawn on the inner surface of the board for a perfect geometrical pattern cutting
  • The outer wall for the body is marked with different sizes for casing caping insertion
  • Specially designed replaceable buttons to cover installation screw holes
  • Available in 3 attractive colours: White, Ivory & Grey, to match any decor
  • Also, available in a spectrum of more than 9 colours on bulk orders
Free mounting kit available with individual packing.

PTSB101  Packing: 10pcs
SIZE: 4" X 4"
Comes with eight most 
practical arrangements.

PTSB102  Packing: 10pcs
SIZE: 7" X 4" 
Comes with nine most 
practical arrangements.

PTSB104  PACKING: 10pcs
SIZE: 6" X 8"
Comes with nine most 
practical arrangements.

PTSB105  Packing: 5pcs
SIZE: 10" X 8"
Comes with nine most 
practical arrangements.