An unique concept in Switch Board for home & Office

PRESTO TEAK HORIZONTAL SERIES - Keeping pace with the modern world of electrical fixtures providing maximum value for money. HORIZONTAL SERIES Switch Boards are most suitable for modern offices, computer rooms, CNC Halls and even personal computers. 


  • Top panel & body perfectly aligned for fitting.
  • Distinctly marked screw holes which are equidistant from the inner wall along with a unique base for uneven wall surface to achieve firm and flatter installation
  • Top panel & the bottom body are so designed that they align & fit each other easily through firmly fitted brass inserts
  • Graph provided on the inner surface of the top panel to aid in perfect geometrical pattern cutting job.
  • The outer wall of the body is marked with various sizes for casing caping insertion. 
  • Especially designed replaceable buttons to cover the installation screw holes. 
  • Available in 3 attractive colours: White, Ivory & Grey, to match any decor. 
  • Also, available in a spectrum of more than 9 colours on bulk orders.
Free mounting kit available with individual packing.

PTCB104H  Packing: 10pcs
Comes with six most 
practical arrangements.

PTCB105H  Packing: 10pcs
Comes with five most 
practical arrangements.

PTCB106H  PACKING: 10pcs
Comes with nine most 
practical arrangements.

Comes with eight most 
practical arrangements.